Ankh 1 The Royal Journey

Cairo to Aswan
11 Days / 10 nights

A Royal Journey starting in Cairo and going through Royal families’ palaces, temples and tombs, sail the Nile using the traditional ancient Egypt sailing way, but with much more comfort, our Royal Journey exclusive trip will gave you a different experience than standard tours, you will have more privacy and time to explore with your own, and you will get in touch with real natural life in Egypt, and you will have the chance to see many more attractions in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and through Nile river

This complete tour is operated with one of the leading travel agents in Egypt, to organize and operate all travel services out of Ankh 1 Sandal range of services

During our sailing trip, on some days we will enjoy walking between the cultivated land for 2 hours per day (1 hour after breakfast and 1 before the tea time).

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Program Duration

11 days / 10 nights
4 nights Cairo / 1 night Luxor
5 nights Sandal Sailing

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Day 1: Arrival – Cairo

Upon arrival in Cairo, you will be met by Stylish Holidays representative in Egypt and transferred to your hotel for overnight.

Day 2: Cairo

Your private Egyptologist tour guide and driver will pick you up to start your day tour. Drive south of Cairo to visit Sakkara to see the prototype of the pyramids, the Step Pyramid, built for the 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh Djoser by the exalted architect Imhotep. Lunch en route. Continue to Giza and visit the Pyramids. See the Great Pyramid, a royal burial chamber, the Valley Temple, and the Sphinx.
Then visit the Solar Boat, one of the most amazing Pharaonic discoveries. Continue to Memphis, capital of the Pharaohs during the Old Kingdom. Visit the recumbent statue of Ramesses II and the 80-ton Alabaster Sphinx.
Return to Cairo and visit the Papyrus Institute on the way to your hotel for overnight.
Return to your hotel for overnight.

Day 3: Cairo – Luxor

Early morning, we will be transferred to Cairo airport for a Morning flight to Luxor. Upon arrival, you will be met by a Stylish Holidays representative and transferred to your hotel in Luxor, then drive to the north of Luxor visit Karnak Temple, called by some “the Temple of Temples.” It is the largest place of worship ever built. Its ancient name Ipet-isut means “the most sacred of places”. The temple, or more correctly, the complex of temples, was built over more than two thousand years by generation after generation of pharaohs. Within the complex, the great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars covering an area larger than the whole of Notre Dame Cathedral. Proceed to the graceful Temple of Luxor built by Amenhotep III and Ramesses II for ritual and festivals and dedicated to the god Amun.
After that we return to our hotel in Luxor for afternoon free time
Overnight at hotel in Luxor

Day 4: Luxor – Esna – Ankh I Sandal Sailing

After early breakfast at our hotel, we check out and cross to the West Bank of the Nile and visit the wondrous Valley of the Kings, a vast city of the dead, where the magnificent tombs of 62 pharaohs have been discovered. The tombs were carved deep into the desert rock, richly decorated and filled with treasures for the afterlife of the pharaohs. Visit several of the tombs. Next, visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This beautiful monument to the reign of the only female pharaoh rises out of the desert plain in a series of terraces and merges with the sheer limestone cliffs that surround it. After that we have a stop at the famed Colossi of Memnon, two 66ft, 1 thousand ton statues of Amenhotep III. These colossal statues were known by the ancient Greeks to emit haunting voices at dawn. Though damaged by nature and ancient tourists, the statues are still impressive.
After we enjoy our tour in Luxor West bank, we will be transferred south to Esna, and visit the temple of Khnoum.
Later we will board our Nile Vessel Ankh 1 Sandal, and you will receive your welcome drink onboard your private sailing vessel. Meet The Captain and the crew, and then start sailing while having Lunch on board.
Enjoy our rest of the day relaxing onboard of the boat
Dinner overnight onboard

Day 5: Jebel Silsila – Hormoheb – Ankh I Sandal Sailing

Today we will use horse drawn carriage to take us to the great exploration of Hours temple in Edfu, the largest and most perfectly preserved of all the Nile temples. Horus, also known as Haroeris, was the falcon-headed solar war god. Using horse drawn carriage we will return back to our boat through local houses in Edfu
Continue sailing, later we will have a chance to walk in the hills between the river Nile and the desert on the left bank, to the quarries of the Pharaonic era in the mountains of Jebel Silsila. Our Sandal will sail to the foot of this majestic mountain. We will discover the coronation hall of Horemheb, the last pharaoh who reigned in the eighteenth dynasty.
In the evening we will have a wonderful barbecue around the temple, a once in a lifetime experience.
Dinner and overnight on board

Day 6: Kom Ombo – Daraw – Ankh I Sandal Sailing

We resume our navigation on the Nile peaceful. Visit the temple of Kom Ombo this unique sacred place, built to the two gods: Sobek, the crocodile god and Horus, the falcon. The temple stands at a bend in the Nile where, in ancient times, sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the riverbank and the mummified crocodile and the preserved Nilometer. If time permits we will visit the Camels market of Daraw, then returning through the gardens and palm trees to our sandal. Lunch on board.
Afternoon free time onboard, dinner and overnight onboard

Day 7: Koubanya – Ankh I Sandal Sailing

We start to explore the Nubian villages, we will enjoy meeting with the fellahs and have tea and breakfast, later we will have a chance to walk between the painted houses. After wards, we will enjoy walk up Koubanya. Continue sailing till we arrive Aswan
Dinner and overnight on board

Day 8: Aswan – Ankh I Sandal

After breakfast onboard we take a tour of Aswan High Dam, Egypt’s contemporary example of building on a monumental scale. Next, proceed to the granite quarries which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stone used in pyramids and temples. The quarries still hold the Unfinished Obelisk, possibly intended as a companion to the Lateran Obelisk, originally at Karnak but now in Rome. It would have weighed over 1,100 tons and would have been the world’s largest piece of stone ever handled. Continue by a short motor-boat ride to the Temple of Philae on the island of Agilka. The temple was dedicated to Isis, sister/wife of Osiris and patroness of the Ptolemaic rule.
Dinner and overnight on board

Day 9: Aswan – Cairo

Disembarkation After breakfast

We can enjoy an optional trip to Abu Simbel by bus to visit the two Temples of Abu Simbel, with their unique style, which considered being the masterpieces of ancient Egypt. They reflect the glory and grandeur of the new Kingdom. The Egyptian government and UNESCO decided to co-operate in order to save these temples from the flood.

Later, transfer to Aswan airport for departure flight back to Cairo
Upon arrival to Cairo airport, we will be transfer to our hotel for overnight

Day 10: Cairo

After breakfast at hotel, we will drive to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities for a detailed, guided tour. Among other fascinating exhibits, see the treasures of the Tomb of Tutankhamen and the extraordinary Mummies Room. Over ten mummies, including that of Ramesses II, are displayed in freestanding glass cases in this climate-controlled room. Walk around the mummies and examine them from all angles, gaze into their incredibly well preserved 3000-year-old faces. Leave the museum and enter Old Cairo and walk back in time. Visit the Old Coptic Church and the Ben Ezra Synagogue. Lunch en route. Continue to the Salahdin Citadel, Mohamad Ali Mosque and the streets of Khan el Khalili Bazaar. Return to your hotel for overnight.
In the evening, enjoy a special farewell dinner in view of the illuminated Pyramids.

Day 11: Cairo – Final departure

Transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

End of the program

Sailing schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to navigational circumstances, but all sites will be maintained

This complete tour is operated with one of the leading travel agents in Egypt, to organize and operate all travel services out of Ankh 1 Sandal range of services

During our sailing trip, on some days we will enjoy walking between the cultivated land for 2 hours per day (1 hour after breakfast and 1 before the tea time).

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    This complete tour is operated by one of the leading travel agents in Egypt, to organize and operate all travel services out of Ankh 1 Sandal range of services

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